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Bodice open at the bosom, with necklace. As a compensation, he had his portrait represented adorned with a radiated crown, like that of the Syrian kings. The coins of which the fol- lowing is a list were found in March, , on the ledge of a rock at Glenquaich, in Perthshire. By Arrangement with Warner Strategic Marketing. Nom de mon groupe de musique? Andrew on the cross.

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In this latter the object to be placed in the hands of the statue is called  » a trophy of the Saviour’s passion lafely and  » the salutary sign of the cross. West, President of the Royal Society. Utraqui is the reading given by Anderson and Le Blanc. Lewis has favoured us with a notice of his as yet unique skekel of the year 5. I am not aware where a specimen of this jetton exists.

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The Eevue Beige de Numisrnatique, In this same year the Abbe Martigny published laately  » Dictionnaire des Antiquites Chretiennes, » in which he treats of Christian emblems on coins in the article « Numismatique Chretienne.

CLIIL, and described at p. It will be observed that on No. Constantine orders the death of Fausta.

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Scbmidt,  » Gesuhichte der Karischen-Fuersten, » Goettingen,p. The arms of France and Scotland, quarterly, crowned, between a waved star and a thistle-head, both crowned, surrounded by three circles of inscriptions. Panegyricorum Veterum, » in his  » Opuscula Academica, » vol. Le frère de Renaud Thierry Séchan est mort. Annual Report of the Director of the U. Or c’est justement en Carie, que nous rencontrons une dynastie de ce genre, du moment que par la paix d’Antal- cidas enles villes de ce pays et mqtt les listes des tributs il y en avait bien une cinquantaine qui avaient fait partie de la confederation athenienne furent rentrees sous la domination perse.


Edict against the heretics. Le roi de Perse, la tiare royale en tete, court a droite, tenant de la gauche 1’arc, et tirant de le droite une fleche du carquois qu’il porte au dos.

The legend is between an outer and inner line. Arms of Francis and Mary, quarterly, crowned. Samuel Arnold, the celebrated musician. The coins in them were closely packed, and caked together with dirt and verdigris ; so as to make it necessary to have those specimens which were worthy of special attention and study the best of which are now collected in a cabinet at Blackmoor cleaned.

I can find no other authority for it. A specimen of this com having in the exergue A- SI.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Examen chronologique des Monnaies frappees par la communaute des Mace’doniens. Kenyon, hi his yoh, that it is impossible to exaggerate his obligations to the  » Numis- matic Chronicle, » without which half the additional information inserted in his volume would have been unattainable. Arms of France, dimidiated by those of Scotland, crowned. Autre, le lion a gauche, 1’oiseau a droite, les lettres in- distinctes.

have i told you lately matt acheson

Bulletins de la Societe des Antiquaires de 1′ Quest. Utraqui is the reading given by Anderson and Le Blanc.


acneson On the reverse is P. In he communicated to us a review of Mr. The types were very varied, but generally common, save a few that bore the monogram of Christ upon the standard or in the field of the coin. Head to right, with radiated helmet ; bust, with paludament over cuirass, and?

Proceedings tild the Society of Antiquaries of London. It does not fall within our acheeon to discuss the truth or not of the manner of Constan- tine’s conversion suffice it to say he was converted, but I may refer to the first « Excursus  » of Heinichen Euseb. Bompois has arranged in chronological order the corns of Macedonia in genere, from the time of Perseus, the last Greek king of Macedon, B.

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Vice – Presiden ts. The first writer of modern times who has treated this question, M. Within a beaded circle with outer and inner lines, ihe king’s bust three-quarters to the left, with a low bonnet ornamented with a rose ; long hair flowing loosely on the shoulders ; clothed in a loose robe open at the throat.